Lis Neris

The charm of elegant, intense white wines born in Friuli, from a border territory

Lis Neris is an important winery with a long history, located in a border region near Gorizia, in the valleys of the Isonzo river, dotted with small ancient villages perched around a bell tower, where time seems to stand still. Since 1879 the Pecorari family has been here with passion, dedicated to the care of the beloved vineyards that mark the rhythms of the days and seasons. Today it is Alvaro Pecorari who runs the business, a passionate producer who took over the reins of the family business at the age of 25 to continue the important process of enhancing the territory initiated by his father in the 1970s. His work was crowned with great international success and today his wines are considered great representatives of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

The Lis Neris winery has succeeded in expressing to the best of its ability the unique characteristics of the Gorizia terroir, marked by the cold wind of the Bora, by pebbly soils known locally as 'claps', by significant temperature swings and by traditions that continually draw new life from the cultural melting pot of this borderland. The 74 hectares of vineyards grow on the most suitable part of a small plateau formed by gravel washed down the valley by melting glaciers. The proximity of the sea and the fresh Balkan winds provide the perfect temperature range, which is indispensable for obtaining the great white wines. Red grapes are grown in the warmer areas of Corona and Romans. The soil and the perfect exposure have allowed Alvaro Pecorari to avoid any form of weeding and to practice sustainable agriculture.

Lis Neris wines come exclusively from the family's own vineyards and are excellent expressions of the terroir, endowed with elegance and finesse but also concentration and expressiveness. The quality standards are very high for the whole range and are confirmed year after year as an essential reference point for wine lovers in the Friuli wine panorama.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
400.000 bt
Alvaro Pecorari
Lis Neris, Via Gavinana 5, 34070 - San Lorenzo Isontino (GO)
The wines of Lis Neris