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Maurer Oszkar

The ancient wine-growing tradition of Serbia
Region Srem (Serbia)
Foundation Year 1994
Vineyard hectares 16
Address Maurer Oszkar, Kaštelj put 4/B, Šupljak - 24414, Serbia

Maurer Oszkar is a family-run Serbian winery that bases its production philosophy on expressive authenticity, pursued through a sustainable agronomic approach and non-interventionist oenology. For the Maurer family, viticulture is tradition, and since 1994 it is Oscar who has been taking care of the estate, representing the fourth family winegrowing generation. Oscar's daughter Dominika has also embarked on the oenological path and is currently working for a winery after completing her studies in Viticulture and Oenology. The Maurer family vineyards are located in two different areas: in the Srem area, on the Fruska Gora mountain, and in the Subotica area. Numerous testimonies attest that on the slopes of Mount Fruska Gora, viticulture has been practised for at least 2,300 years, since the time of Ancient Rome. The tradition was kept alive by Greek-Byzantine monks, the Avars and then the Hungarian monarchy. However, with the Turkish domination, the then flourishing wine business was severely compromised and only today is the Srem area re-emerging thanks to passionate producers such as the Maurer family.

Maurer Oszkar cultivates 16 hectares of vineyards, 9 of which are located in the Srem area and the remaining 7 in Subotica, precisely in Velika Ravnica. In the former area, the climate is sunny and tends to be Mediterranean, while the volcanic soils are rich in mica and sedimentary rocks. Here, the local white varieties Sremska Zelenika, Furmint, Bakator, Medenac Beli and Tamjanika are grown, as well as the red grapes Kadarka and Frankovka and the international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In Subotica, on the other hand, the soils are sandy on the surface and clay-limestone in depth, and on them grow the varieties Riesling Italico, Kevedinka, Bakator, Sremska Zelenika, Kadarka, Slankamenka and Frankovka. The estate applies the principles of organic farming, thus excluding the use of synthetic chemicals, and even in the cellar, a genuine approach is followed, involving spontaneous fermentation and long maturation on fine lees, without any filtration and often without even the addition of sulphites.

With these noble prerequisites, Maurer Oszkar intends to uplift and enhance the Serbian wine scene by producing pure and sincere expressions of great fluidity.

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