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Mazzi Roberto

The philosophy of life in Valpolicella, with a century-long history
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1950
Vineyard hectares 8
Annual production 50.000 bt
Address Località San Peretto, Via Crosetta 8 - 37024, Negrar (VR)

The Mazzi Roberto family winery is located in the hills of Negrar, which is one of the towns in the historic and classic Valpolicella region. To the north of Verona, this town is divided into two parts: the hilly area and the valley that runs down to the provincial capital. With its fertile soils rich in clay and silt, it has been known since Roman times as Negrar, or black earth, and this characteristic makes it particularly suited to vine cultivation, also thanks to the favourable climate created by its proximity to the stream that bears its name. It was here, in 1958, that Roberto Mazzi, after completing his agricultural studies, decided to change the family-owned farm from the beginning of the 20th century, and began bottling his own wine.

The Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone grapes grow among the hollows formed by the numerous small waterfalls of the Progno stream in Negrar and are the basis of Mazzi Roberto's production, guaranteeing the blending of Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto wines. They all undergo the drying process prescribed by the DOCG regulations, using the traditional method in crates and racks. These are placed in well-ventilated rooms that do not allow the stagnation of bacteria, which could dangerously affect the grapes. Pressing takes place in the period between December and January. Selected yeasts are used to trigger alcoholic fermentation, which takes place in stainless steel tanks. The cap of the grape marc, which forms during this phase, is cyclically broken and stirred to keep the temperature constant and better control the fermentation phase. Long periods of refinement in wood ensure the expansion of the aromatic range, adding spiced hints to these extraordinarily well-made wines.

The Amarone and Valpollicella wines of the Roberto Mazzi winery have always been distinguished based on the hills where they are produced. This is done in order to better identify the differences between terroirs, which may seem visually imperceptible, yet are revealed to be wonderfully evident and distinguishable through sensory analysis, releasing all the numerous characteristics of this territory. From a family of millers, as demonstrated by the 16th century watermill in the winery which can still be visited, the Mazzi family has been able to enhance the products of their labour, thanks to the unique and incomparable work philosophy of the Valpolicella area. This winery is a real source of pride and an example which should be followed on Italian soil. Nowadays this tradition is carried on by Roberto's sons, Stefano and Antonio, who wisely draw inspiration from their father in expressing a territory and a history that is one of a kind.

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