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A great and ancient biodynamic winery in Styria
Region Burgenland (Austria)
Vineyard hectares 67
Annual production 400.000 bt
Address Hauptstrasse, 86 - 7152 Pamhagen, Austria

The Meinklang estate is one of the largest family-run biodynamic producers in central Europe. Located near the town of Pamhagen in the Burgenland area of eastern Austria, it also extends across the border and owns some land in Hungary. The province of Styria, where the cellar is located, is known as the green heart of Austria with its high concentration of woods, meadows and forests. The Michlist family, who own Meinklang, know this very well and have been active in this area for several decades, preserving the ancient charm of an old farm where animals, people and crops lived together in harmony. Pioneers of organic and biodynamic agriculture in the region for more than 30 years, they own an area of 2000 hectares, of which 67 are dedicated exclusively to vineyards. The farm's production is all home-grown, where animals are bred and wine and beer are produced. It can almost be defined as a "closed circle", as it is self-supporting with its own produce from the land and with the grazing of livestock, which provides natural fertilisers and nutrients for the area. The cows, which also appear on the wine label and in the logo, represent the spirit and style of this winery, which from the very beginning has chosen the path of environmental sustainability and respect for the land.

The Minklang winery covers an area that is rich in biodiversity, where the rows of vines flourish among the orchards, vegetables, wild herbs, sheep farming and the cultivation of old wheat varieties. The vines rise up from the Austro-Hungarian plains on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedler See, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the same name. The grapes are typical of Austria and include the Veltliner, Zwigelt, Blaufrankish, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris varieties. Hungarian varieties such as Juhfark and Harsevelu are also cultivated. In the cellar, spontaneous fermentation is carried out using indigenous yeasts, with ageing varying between steel, cement and wood. Filtration, clarification and high doses of sulphur are not part of Meinklang's world.

The wines of Meinklang demonstrate a clean and expressive purity. They focus on genuine flavour, which is however preserved with calibrated finesse and elegance, revealing meticulous work, while at the same time relying on artisanal methods. These wines are straightforward, fresh and pleasantly mineral, providing a pure and sincere reflection of the fertile and lush Styria region.

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