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A family of winemakers in the Slovenian Collio area: the art of producing wines with great personality
Region Brda (Slovenia)
Foundation Year 1820
Vineyard hectares 22
Annual production 110.000 bt
Address Ceglo 18 - Dobrovo v Brdih

Since 1700 the Movia family has lived in the beautiful hills of the Slovenian Collio region, the Brda, however, it was not until 1820 that the Movia's daughter married Mr Kristancic that the cultivation of vines and production of wine began. Since then, Movia wines have established themselves throughout Slovenia as dynamic, charming, traditional and genuine expressions, whose fame has now extended beyond national borders.

After the Second World War, thanks to the Movias' involvement in the campaign to liberate Yugoslavia from the Nazi troops, the winery was granted the privilege of complete autonomy by General Tito: the vineyards were not nationalised and the Movia family continued to produce wines with great liberty, in a continuous quest for high quality. The objective has always been to produce wines that could be considered among the best in Europe. The Movia vineyards extend over about 22 hectares between the Brda and Italian Collio regions.

Many years have now passed, but the philosophy of the Movia winery, now led by the enterprising Ales Kristancic, has remained unchanged: respect and love for their land, and pride in being part of one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, Brda. Movia's wines, produced using traditional methods, with respect for the land, without the use of chemicals in either the vineyard or the cellar, are an unconventional icon of style and elegance, and a testament to how one can be absolutely modern while remaining faithful to the most traditional and genuine winemaking techniques.