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The craftsman of Soave: organic farming and love for tradition
Region Veneto (Italia)
Vineyard hectares 40
Annual production 340.000 bt
Address Via della Fontana, 31 - 37032 Monteforte d'Alpone (VR)

The Farm Graziano Pra is headquartered in Monteforte d'Alpone, in the production area of Soave Classico. Graziano Pra inherited the vineyard and the passion for the world of wine from his grandfather and father, winemakers before him. Since the early 1980 Graziano follows firsthand the Company, cultivating various small cru, which make up about 20 acres of the property, with the greatest respect for the land and the natural rhythms of the vineyard. Thanks to the meticulous care of Graziano, vineyards as Morandina, Anthony Hill and Monte Grande, formerly unknown to almost all wine lovers, today known throughout Italy and abroad. Graziano has realized that the future of the wine is in organic farming and was immediately launched in this difficult task, with an act of love dedicated to his Valpolicella. The vineyards of Graziano Pra are located about 500 meters above sea level, on the hills of the Valley of Mezzane marl, in the area of the Alpine foothills Veronese, white soils produced by the fusion of limestone with clay and marine sands, pristine lands, poor and little fertile, where once grew meadows and woods, but ideal for the cultivation of vines. Graziano has put all attention and care in the design of the cellar, which was to accurately reflect the architectural harmony of farmsteads campaigns Monteforte, where he was born. Spacious interiors dedicated to separate vinification of different crus, where all operations are carried out according to the dictates of the most authentic naturalness of organic production, supported by modern technology and equipment. The wines of Cantina Graziano Pra are the happy expression of the earth from which they come, of which accurately reflect all the characteristics.

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