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Martin Gojer, South Tyrol's most original and inspiring communicator
Region Alto Adige (Italia)
Foundation Year 2009
Vineyard hectares 3
Annual production 20.000 bt
Address Via Campegno 8 - 39100 Bolzano (BZ)

Martin Gojer has always been a winegrower, initially through family heritage, then through his own personal passion. Here at Weingut Pranzegg, he is personally contributing to the enhancement of the quality and craftsmanship of the Val d'Adige region, playing his part as a communicator of the nature and culture of this land. For him, this is what being a winemaker is all about: transferring the textures of the soils, the rhythm of the vintage, the atmosphere that embraces the vines and even a pinch of himself into the glass.

Maso Pranzegg is located in the village of Campegno, on the opposite side of the well-known Santa Maddalena hill, around the Bolzano basin. The temperature range between day and night is fundamental for the correct ripening of the grapes and the soils, rich in clay and porphyry, are ready to welcome the roots of the vines. At the moment there are only 3 hectares of vines, a number deliberately kept low in order to take care of every single plant, following its delicate rhythms and natural needs.

There is no certification on the wine's label, but a great deal of knowledge in their possession: they cultivate according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, with the desire to enhance and expand biodiversity in the vineyard through the use of herbal teas, wild herbs and compost between the vines. Pranzegg's wines do not respond to any fixed enological rules. They attempt to go beyond the conventional, causing the hearts of wine-lovers to vibrate with unusual and unique sips, occasionally unexpected, yet always territorial. Pure expressive naturalness. Spontaneous fermentation, a long resting period in close contact with the skins and bottling without any clarification or filtration: Martin's method of transforming grapes into wine does not rely on any secrets (if anything, it requires patience!). The grapes are the classic varieties of the region, enhanced in purity and in blends, with ageing often carried out in used tonneaux and fibreglass containers.

Martin Gojer, together with a few other artisan winegrowers, with whom he shares agricultural and production style - united in the "Freistil" collective - undoubtedly represents the new era of South Tyrol enology. A young and straightforward approach, prepared to illuminate the liveliest and most unconventional corners of this wine territory.

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