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Dedication and commitment that never cease to amaze
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1986
Vineyard hectares 30
Annual production 200.000 bt
Address Scarbolo, via Grado, 4/3 - 33050 Lauzacco (UD)

Valter Scarbolo cares passionately more than 25 hectares of vineyards that stretch on the right side of the river Torre. In this splendid Frame, Valter can give rise to wines of great impact and personality, wines, rich and juicy, full of the aromas of these wonderful lands. Valter began to love this job because his father Gino, that with love and passion drove him to discover a unique world, built thanks to the continuous search for quality. "I have had the privilege to get interested in vine and wine, working with my father and I learned from him what respect we must devote to the ground. The daily commitment, the wise shared experiences have taught me that life presents us with new challenges every day that we can deal with. Everything is in our hands and we have to seize them and turn them into opportunities". These are the same words that Valter perfectly clear how much dedication put in his work, how much love pushes him to produce beautiful bottles, the emblem of a winery that never ceases to amaze.

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