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Scarzello family: a classic Barolo benchmark, from bulk to bottle
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1947
Vineyard hectares 5.5
Annual production 48.000 bt
Address Via Alba 29 - 12060 Barolo (CN)

When we talk about Langhe, we usually focus our attention on the big, historic names that are well rooted in the territory, often forgetting about smaller, less emblazoned realities that have continued for generations to cultivate the vineyard and practice the art of winemaking with the same care as in the past, strictly away from the spotlight, but close to the land. A fine example is represented by Scarzello.

Five and a half hectares of vineyard and a small family winery that stands in the charming village of Barolo with the ambition of bringing the excellence and authenticity of that territory to the bottle. Scarzello has been making wine since after World War II; he has always sold his Dolcetto in bulk in demijohns, earmarking a portion for personal post-work consumption. A stable reference point in the immense Barolo universe and a guarantee of quality for the locals. In the 1970s, the first experiments in bottling began, which immediately met with great success, not only from the neighbors, but especially from those foreign customers, such as Germany, Switzerland and the United States, who made it possible for them to abandon unbottled wine with the consequent beginning of a new production era.

Although Giuseppe Scarzello still takes care of part of the vineyard and his wife is still involved in administrative management, the winery is now run by the young and talented Federico, a graduate of the Alba School of Oenology who also studied Viticulture at the University of Turin. His farming is inscribed within a family tradition of hard workers, madly in love and always faithful to their idea of classic Barolo. Nebbiolo grapes are grown in several cru in the commune of Barolo, among the most prestigious certainly Paiagallo and Terlo, among the family's most beloved without a doubt, the Sarmassa vineyard. The Barolo made in the traditional way by the Scarzello family relies on fundamental elements such as elegance and freshness that allow a subtle and well polished tannin to emerge, the result of long aging that takes place exclusively in large-volume Slavonian oak barrels.

Small additional note of merit. It is all thanks to Federico that in this land entirely monopolized by the cultivation of the more profitable Nebbiolo, the cultivation of old Barbera vines is still preserved.

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