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Señorio De Librares

Environmental awareness and sustainability in La Rioja
Region La Rioja (Spagna)
Address Bodegas y Viñedos Señorío de Librares, Ctra. Arnedo Estella, 27 - 26511 El Villar de Arnedo, La Rioja (SP)

The Señorio de Librares winery operates in Spain, in the famous Rioja region, an area where some of the country's best wines are produced. Here, precisely in the small village of El Villar de Arnedo, included in the Rioja Baja sub-zone, sisters Clara and Patricia Espinosa nurture an ancient family winemaking tradition by producing great artisanal wines. In fact, the Espinosa family has been cultivating grapes of the highest quality for over 150 years, with Clara and Patricia's great-great-grandfather Pedro being awarded the gold medal for his wines at the 1878 Universal Exhibition in Paris. Differentiating themselves from the big wineries in the area, Clara and Patricia focus exclusively on local varieties and vinify only their own grapes, so as to ensure high quality standards at all times.

Within the vineyards of the Señorio de Librares estate, conducted using sustainable agronomic practices inspired by organic agriculture, one finds traditional Rioja varieties such as Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha and Mazuelo among the red grapes, Viura and Tempranillo Blanco among the white grapes. Clara and Patricia Espinosa's oenological credo aims to adapt modern knowledge and techniques to the most deeply rooted practices of local tradition. With this in mind, fermentation is entrusted to indigenous yeasts and takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel or cement vats according to a non-interventionist philosophy. For the subsequent maturation phase, steel containers are always used for the fresher and more youthful labels, or French and American oak barrels, new or from several passages, for the more structured and complex wines. Always with an eco-friendly vision, the Espinosa sisters use recycled paper for packaging.

The Señorio de Librares winery produces delicious white, rosé and red wines under the Rioja appellation. These are tasty and modern interpretations, also characterised by an excellent quality-price ratio, whether it be the whites, with their graceful floral character, or the reds, sometimes fresh and juicy and at other times powerful and elegant, passing through the carefree spirit of the rosés.