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Arcuri Sergio

The real Cirò expressed with authenticity, love and passion
Region Calabria (Italia)
Foundation Year 1880
Vineyard hectares 8
Annual production 18.000 bt
Address Via Roma Vico III, 3 - 88811 Cirò Marina (Kr)

On the Ionian coast of Calabria, in the small town of Cirò Marina, nestled between the Ionian Sea and the Sila plateau, is the Sergio Arcuri winery. This historic producer has been continuing the family tradition of creating authentic, artisanal wines for more than four generations, respecting the land and adopting the production techniques handed down from father to father. This gives rise to pure and genuine expressions, which are the offspring of an intact and healthy territory, and which preserve the ancient tradition and age-old love that the Arcuri family has for the land. It all started with Mansueto Arcuri at the end of the 19th century who, driven by a passion for wine, decided to produce the first bulk red wine for his friends and family. In 1973 the winery passed into the hands of his son Giuseppe, who continued to sell the wine, trying to meet the demands of an ever-growing number of customers. It was only in 2009 that the estate was inherited by Sergio, the current owner, who, together with his brother Francesco, decided to bottle the wine and introduce it to the whole of Italy, establishing itself also outside the Italian borders. Sergio and Francesco's project is one that is difficult not to become attached to, being based on love, passion and respect for the land, combined with a touch of innovation. It is difficult to find wineries that refuse to follow the common demand for quantity at the expense of typicality and authenticity in southern Italy: Sergio Arcuri is one of these few survivors.

The Sergio Arcuri winery has 8 hectares spread over different areas, near Cirò Marina. The main grape of the area is Gaglioppo, which is the region's most famous variety of red grape and which the winery cultivates in purity. The particularly arid, windy and hot climate allows the grapes to ripen well, and they tend to accumulate a high sugar content. The vines, grown according to the principles of organic farming using the alberello and spurred cordon system, were planted in 1945 and most recently in 1980. The soil, composed of the famous red soils, has been free of synthetic chemicals for almost a century, which, according to the winery, can disrupt the natural cycle of nature. Just as in the vineyard, the philosophy in the cellar is always the same: spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, no invasive intervention and no use of external substances. Vinification and ageing take place in open cement tanks, known as palmenti.

With such a low production and so few hectares, the wines of Sergio Arcuri are real treasures. These include Cirò Reds Riserva which express the rich, Mediterranean and warm soul of the Calabrian land. The red wines are spicy and authentic, a true homage to this fantastic land and what it can offer if treated with care and respect. They are heart-warming wines that evoke the flavour of Calabria and bring the aromas and tastes of the Ionian Sea to mind. Pure, straightforward and without any tricks, they truly reflect the land and the grapes.

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