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Wine from Piedmont as it used to be made: a family of winemakers in the cru of Barbaresco
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1975
Vineyard hectares 19.5
Annual production 90.000 bt
Address Loc. Cottà, 21 - 12052 Neive (CN)

The Sottimano family are winemakers with a great agricultural tradition, closely connected to the village of Neive and the Barbaresco production area. Rino Sottimano, the founder of the winery in the 1970s, is now assisted by his son Andrea in the vineyard and cellar operations, together with his wife Anna and daughter Elena, who take care of the commercial aspects. The deep roots that the Sottimano family has in the territory have always led Rino to believe strongly in a healthy and natural approach to the vineyard, far from the trends of the moment. This approach has facilitated his son's conversion to organic farming, which has recently been inaugurated.

The vineyards of the Sottimano winery are mainly located in the towns of Neive and Treiso and include the prestigious crus of Cottà, Pajoré, Currà, Fausoni and Basarin. The method of cultivation and the work carried out in the cellar are designed to produce wines of the highest quality, and the guidelines are strict and precise: no weeding, no systemic products, meticulous pruning, low yields, only indigenous yeasts, long maceration and ageing on the lees for over a year, just like it was done in the past.

The wines of Sottimano are traditional and precise expressions of the territory, appreciated and sought after also beyond Italy's borders. All Barbaresco wines are born from cru and there are no "base" wines. In spite of the international success, the wines are still produced in limited quantities and, vintage after vintage, they confirm their genuine, typical and true expressive character: great Piedmontese wines that definitely deserve to be cherished and, above all, to be drunk.

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