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Tenuta Volpare

The authentic expression of Trentino wines
Region Trentino (Italia)
Foundation Year 2015
Vineyard hectares 4
Address Tenuta Volpare, Via dei Ronchi, 41 - 38123 Trento (TN)

Volpare Estate is located on the foothills east of the city of Trento and produces a range of typically territorial wines made from grape varieties historically found in the region. The area is highly suited for viticulture, thanks to a mild, sunny climate and soils with a predominantly limestone-clay matrix. The soils of the Trento hill range, are the result of the sedimentation of ancient moraine deposits, resulting from the retreat of the great Alpine glaciers following the end of the period of the last glaciation, which dates back some 20,000 years. Among the dolomite rocks, there are also traces of porphyry from the nearby Cembra Valley, granite and other minerals.
The property covers two different areas: Oltrecastello and Cava dei Ronchi. The Oltrecastello estate is located at an altitude of 530 to 600 meters above sea level, facing southwest. It covers an area of four hectares, characterized by slopes of up to 25 percent. The climate is cool with ventilation, constant. The Cava dei Ronchi area, on the other hand, is located in a small valley at a lower altitude, between 230 and 280 meters above sea level, with varied exposures. Despite some differences in soil and climate, both estates are very suitable for the cultivation of two famous international grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which have found ideal conditions in Trentino to express themselves very well.
From an agronomic point of view, the estate is managed following the principles of certified organic farming, without any use of herbicides, fertilizers or chemical preparations, but only with sulfur and copper treatments. Green manure is practiced between the rows, mainly based on legumes, to improve the vitality and fertility of the soils. The organic choice is part of a more general vision of farm sustainability as a whole, so that winemaking activities fit harmoniously into the natural ecosystem with a low impact. Winemaking takes place in a modern winery, equipped with state-of-the-art technology placed at the service of the highest quality raw material. The entire process, from fermentation to aging, is designed to make wines that are authentic and true to the terroir.

Tenuta Volpare's wines
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