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Uka Wine

The reinessance of albanian wines
Region Tirana (Albania)
Foundation Year 2005
Address Uka Wine, Rruga Adem Jashari, Laknas - Albania
Oenologist Flori Uka

Uka Wine is an innovative and interesting Albanian winery, which was founded in 2005 by Flori Uka, an enterprising and passionate young oenologist and sommelier. After completing his studies in Oenology at the University of Udine, Flori decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, a famous agronomist, and devote himself to the rediscovery and enhancement of the oldest traditions of Albanian viticulture. His project came to life with the creation of the Uka Wine cellar and the Uka Farm. The aim of his work is to highlight the value of Albanian wine and try to carve out a space for his country's production on the world stage. An ambitious challenge, but one based on solid foundations.

Albania is a very interesting country from a wine-growing point of view. Remaining isolated from the most important international markets for political reasons until a few decades ago, it has preserved a productive fabric composed mainly of small rural realities, linked to the oldest peasant culture. The presence of numerous indigenous grape varieties and the scarce commercial contacts with foreign countries have preserved the country from the invasion of the most famous international varieties. The grapes historically present in these lands are still cultivated today, giving the wines unique and special aromatic profiles. The philosophy of the Uka Wine winery is precisely to keep this custom alive, to enhance the diversity of Albanian wine as opposed to a somewhat standardised production modulated by international taste and current fashions.

The vineyards of the Uka Wine estate are managed under biodynamic agriculture, without the use of chemicals and with strict respect for the ecosystem and environmental biodiversity. Some of the wines are even made from the grapes of 100-year-old free-range vines of indigenous grape varieties, which grow spontaneously, climbing up the vines in an absolutely wild way. It is an archaic viticulture, harking back to the dawn of vine domestication, when short pruning was not yet practised and the plant was left to follow its vine instincts. These vineyards are located in the middle of the woods, in unspoilt surroundings. Winemaking is done in a very simple way, trying to bring the authentic taste of the vines and the terroir into the glass.

Uka's wines