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Amaro Scoccia 'Calaminta' Finger Lime e Nepitella - 50cl

Amaro Scoccia 'Calaminta' Finger Lime e Nepitella - 50cl


Amaro Scoccia 'Calaminta' is a amaro from Etna made with fine fingerlime spheres and nepitella, or a type of wild mint. On the sip you will find an excellent balance between the delicate notes of the mint and the sharp, pungent aromas of the fingerlime. It is recommended to be served with an ice cube at the end of a meal, or in mixology




50 cl Bottle


Catania-based Scoccia presents Sicilian Amaro 'Finger Lime and Nepitella,' a fresh and balsamic bitter that shows fantastic versatility. The basic ingredients for this highly digestive end to a meal are finger lime and nepitella. The former is a citrus fruit native to Australia that is also called lemon caviar because of the characteristic appearance of the pulp, which is in the form of green spheres that precisely resemble precious sturgeon eggs. In contrast, nepitella is a type of catnip that is also often called spearmint because of its peculiar aroma akin to that of mint leaves.

Scoccia's Sicilian Amaro 'Finger Lime and Nepitella' originates from the combination of the juicy, prized green orbs of Sicilian finger lime and the fresh notes of wild nepitella. Specifically, the finger lime imparts a sour and slightly spicy aroma, while the nepitella imparts delicate and balsamic notes, specifically aromatic. These botanicals undergo an infusion process and are combined with other ingredients such as water, alcohol, sugar, and an infusion of fresh orange peel and herbs.

Scoccia Sicilian Amaro 'Finger Lime and Nepitella' possesses a brown coloration. The nose has clear aromatic and balsamic hints due to nepitella, accompanied by exotic citrus scents characteristic of finger lime. The taste is vibrant and very fresh, with surprising balance and a persistent Mediterranean aftertaste. This Sicilian bitter can be enjoyed iced as a digestive, used in making alternative cocktails or used at room temperature to flavour desserts, ice cream and assorted fruits.


Bright amber


Balanced, persistent, and slightly spicy


Slightly sour, wild, herbaceous