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Amaro Scoccia 'Karat' Carrubo e Zagara - 50cl

Amaro Scoccia 'Karat' Carrubo e Zagara - 50cl


Amaro Scoccia 'Karat' is a Sicilian amaro that comes from the combination of the rustic, fleshy pulp of carob with the delicate essence of orange blossom. Bright dark amber in color, a lingering and balanced sip is perceived on the palate that together with its hints of honey and caramel evoke the warm and sunny territory of Sicily. It goes well in mixology or served neat as a digestive



Alcohol content

30 %


50 cl Bottle


Amaro Scoccia 'Carob and Zagara' is an irresistible liqueur to end a meal reminiscent of Sicily's Mediterranean scents and flavours. The history of Scoccia bitters dates back to the 9th century when Benedictine monks on the slopes of Mount Etna produced bitters and liqueurs according to a secret recipe that has been passed down through the centuries. The basis for the high quality of these products is ingredients of the highest quality, collected in the Sicilian territory and processed with the utmost respect for the organoleptic properties of the plants. The tradition is continued today by the Scoccia production company in a modern form that highlights the scents and flavours of their beloved homeland.

Carob and Zagara' Amaro Scoccia is created by combining the meaty, rustic flesh of the Sicilian carob bean and the delicate floral notes of orange blossom. These ingredients are grown and harvested under the hot Sicilian sun and then subjected to a tasty infusion process that optimally preserves the organoleptic properties of the plants. In addition to carob and orange blossom, water, alcohol, sugar and infusions of orange peel and herbs are used.

The Sicilian bitter "Carob and Zagara" of Scoccia has a distinctive brown appearance. The nose is a succession of intense, warm scents of honey, caramel and carob, with fragrant notes of orange blossom in the background. Soft and decisive on the palate, naturally sweet and dense, characterized by an excellent balance and long gustatory persistence of the sensations perceived in the nose. The manufacturer recommends serving this bitter ice as a digestif or using it to create alternative cocktails. It can also be used at room temperature to flavour desserts, ice cream and fruits.


Bright intense amber


Persistent, warm, balanced


Notes of honey and caramel, hints of flowers and citrus aromas