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Amarone 'Case Vecie' Brigaldara 2018
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Amarone 'Case Vecie' Brigaldara 2018


Still red wine, strong and important, elegant and structured, with a fine and velvety tannins, intense fruity and spicy scents, aged in barrels




Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG


Corvina 40%, Corvinone 30%, Rondinella 20%, Other vines 10%


Alcohol content

16.5 %


75 cl Bottle


24 months in barrique

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Brigaldara is one of the most representative names of Valpolicella for the production of Amarone. Located just outside the village of San Floriano, Brigaldara owns 50 hectares of land with vineyards alternate with olive groves at the beginning of the Marano valley, one of the four main valleys that make up the area of Valpolicella Classica. The winery is built on two levels and is fully inserted in the architecture of the original farmhouse, next to the house owned by Brigaldara. The upper level is dedicated to the receival and the vinification of grapes, while in the lower side is inserted the area of processing and refining. Among the vineyards owned for the production of Amarone, the cru Case Vecie attracts the right kind of attention, located in the municipality of Grezzana in a position higher than the average of the remaining portions of land (450 meters above sea level) and with an extension of about 7,5 hectares. The particular selection made on the grapes from this vineyard derives from the unique soil and climatic conditions that characterize it. The perfect exposure and altitude allow a slow and gradual maturation of the grapes. The Guyot farming-system adopted allows a perfect exposure of the bunches and an optimal vegetative-productive devolpment. The different time of harvest within Case Vecie, compared to other vineyards, lets the grapes to rest in a cold time of year and lead to a slower and prolonged drying process. During the drying-phase the grapes have the opportunity to develop the characteristic aromas, then released during winemaking: the resulting Amarone fully reflects the basis of these conditions, gaining structure and complexity along with a distinctive aromatic bouquet. For this reason, Amarone Case Vecie is the true expression of the distinctive details that distinguish one of the best crus of Valpolicella.


Dark ruby ​​red


Expressive and intense, enveloping and structured, with a perfect and elegant tannins


Intense fruity hints of blackberries, cassis and dried fruit, nice spice notes that recall the roasted coffee and liquorice