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Apple Juice Petritegi

Apple Juice Petritegi


From the organic apples of the Petritegi farm in Astigarraga, in the Basque Country, comes this amber-coloured, slightly cloudy apple juice with a perfect balance of freshness and sweetness. Intense aromas of cooked apples and apple compote come through on the nose and palate, brightening up and making a tasty snack with a capital M!





75 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Organic

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The Apple Juice produced by the Basque company Petritegi stands out as a top-quality artisanal fruit juice, an important source of vitamin C, made exclusively with organic apples from the Basque Country. While specializing in the production of delicious apple ciders, the family-run Petritegi also produces this tasty non-alcoholic fruit juice, a true explosion of apple flavor.

Petritegi Apple Juice is made using only fresh native cider apples from the Basque Country. The fruits are grown under certified organic conditions and then processed using an artisanal approach that involves gentle pressing of the apples. From this process, the first juice is obtained, equivalent to the flower must, the most precious and pure, which is then pasteurized and subsequently bottled without any addition of sugars and without filtration. The entire production process, from the harvesting of organic apples to bottling and labeling, is carried out directly by the Otaño family, owners of Petritegi.

Visually, Petritegi Apple Juice exhibits an amber-yellow appearance with golden reflections and slight cloudiness. The aroma is very intense and inviting, reminiscent of apple in all its variations: fresh, cooked, roasted, and in compote. Meanwhile, the taste reveals an excellent balance between the natural sweetness of the apple and the acidity that gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. To fully appreciate this product, it is recommended to consume it within 15 months of bottling, serving it chilled as an alternative to more classic non-alcoholic beverages, perhaps for a healthy and refreshing snack.


Amber yellow with golden hues


Fresh, sweet and intense


Cooked apple and apple compote