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'Bayt' Vite ad Ovest 2021

'Bayt' Vite ad Ovest 2021

Vite ad Ovest

Vite ad Ovest's 'Bayt' is a Sicilian white wine made from Grillo grapes, produced in the Marsala area. Fragrant and balanced on the palate, the sip is refreshing thanks to a nice acidity and a slight salinity on the finish, while notes of white fruit, citrus and orange blossom stand out on the nose. Perfect with fish and shellfish dishes or a seafood couscous, typical of the Trapani area




Terre Siciliane IGT


Grillo 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration on the skins for two days and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in chestnut barrels and steel


Six months on the noble lees

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The 'Bayt' of the viticultural reality of Vite ad Ovest is a slightly macerated white wine produced in Sicily according to a production vision based on sustainability. In fact, the agronomic management adopted by the Vite ad Ovest winery is based on highly nature-respectful practices and cycles. These include green manure and cover cropping, as well as the total exclusion of the use of synthetic chemicals, with weed control being carried out through manual interventions. Furthermore, since 2018, the entire estate has been certified organic.

Vite ad Ovest 'Bayt' is a pure Grillo from vines grown according to the principles of certified organic agriculture within the district of Baiata, in the territory of Marsala. The vineyard is 15 years old and sits on soils composed of calcarenites and sand, located at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. After manual harvesting, which takes place during the second decade of September, there are 2 days of skin maceration for the grapes. The subsequent alcoholic fermentation takes place entirely spontaneously between stainless steel tanks and chestnut barrels, the same wine containers where the mass matures on the lees for 6 months before bottling, carried out without prior filtration or clarification.

In the glass, the Grillo 'Bayt' from Vite ad Ovest reveals a bright straw yellow color with golden highlights. Pleasant hints of white flesh fruit, citrus, and orange blossom emerge on the nose, supported by evocative mineral saline nuances. The taste is fresh and balanced, with excellent smoothness, characterized by a nice freshness and minerality to accompany the finish. Due to its clear iodized notes, this Grillo pairs excellently with seafood cuisine, even better if from the traditional Trapanese cuisine.


Bright straw yellow


Fresh and balanced, flowing, with nice acidity and mineral on the finish


Notes of white fruit, citrus, orange blossom and saline undertones