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Cocktail Kit Starter 'Moscow Mule' Icona Spirits

Cocktail Kit Starter 'Moscow Mule' Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits

The "Moscow Mule" Kit is a special box that contains all the ingredients needed to make up to 6 Moscow Mule cocktails with Italian products. 2 bottles of ginger beer, 1 pure Vodka and a jigger to dose to perfection. Don't know how to make it? No problem, in the Icona spirits plastic-free box there is also a QRcode with the steps for the original recipe!



  • 2 Bottles of Ginger Beer
  • 1 Bottle of Vodka Pure CLASS - 20 cl
  • 1 Jigger




20 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites



Icona Spirits was born with the vision of bringing the professional quality of the best made-in-Italy ingredients into the home in packaging with different shapes and materials that are totally plastic-free and invite endless imaginative reuse. The QR code with the video recipe is the essential link between the home kitchen and the most extreme mixology counter!

"Moscow Mule" is the kit prepared by Icona Spirits that makes it possible to make one of the most popular cocktails of recent years at home in a practically professional and waste-free manner: invented in the 1940s at a bar table in New York's Chatham Hotel, it actually has nothing to do with the Russian capital, but apparently it's supposed to kick like a mule in the mouth anyway! It should be served in the iconic copper domed cup. "Class" is a Premium Vodka made according to an exclusive recipe by Genziana Distillati, a historic craft company with a strictly family imprint, brought to new life in 1969 by Elido Carlassare after being interrupted at the outbreak of the First World War: today, it is run by his children Alessandro recognized as one of the top experts in the art of Italian liquor-making, and Lorenza. The double distillation with a discontinuous process from rye and spring water makes this Vodka very pure, with sweet hints on the nose and a smooth sensation on the palate. "Imperdible Ginger Beer" is the accompanying sparkling ginger drink, again made by Italian companies of excellence.

The Icona Spirits-branded "Moscow Mule Starter Cocktail Kit" is dedicated to enthusiasts and those curious about the world of mixology, aiming to provide everything needed in the right proportions to create the perfect Moscow Mule. It consists of 1 200-millilitre bottle of Pure Class Vodka, 2 small bottles of Ginger Beer and 1 professional jigger to dose liquid quantities perfectly. Everything is placed in the essential cardboard box, custom shaped and with Scandinavian design lines, ready to be used to prepare 6 Moscow Mule: just add ice!