Liqueur au Cognac Poire Peyrot

Liqueur au Cognac Poire is a French liqueur based on pears williams and the prestigious Cognac of Grande Champagne. The maturation of 2 years in white oak barrels contributes to the perfect integration of sweet and fruity aromas of pear juice with the power and warmth of cognac. To produce it, 14 kg of pear is used for each bottle!

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Poitou Charentes (France)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle - no original package


At least two years in oak barrels

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
High tulip goblet
High tulip goblet

The high tulip goblet is high and curvy to not heat the spirit with the warmth of the hand and allow to perceive the aromatic range in all its complexity


The Liqueur Cognac Poire Peyrot is the result of the union between the inimitable scent of Williams pears, picked in late October when they reached the peak of their maturity, their fragrance organoleptic Cognac Grande Champagne Premier Cru produced by the family Peyrot. To make it unparalleled are the 14 pounds of pears that are needed to produce a single bottle and the two years of aging in white oak barrels. Pears with which this liquor is generated, come from the Black Forest region and are harvested in the autumn when their skins take on-amber. Are preserved in the cold waiting to be used to produce the natural aroma, obtained by macerating the fruit in a small amount of distillate Pear Williams. The liquor is obtained by '"assemblage" of Cognac Grande Champagne Premier Cru, natural aroma of Williams pears, sugar syrup and distilled water. In the glass you can feel the freshness of the pears and their sweet and delicate flavor goes well to the character of the family proud spirits Peyrot. Although it belongs to the family of cognac, has degustarsi at a cooler temperature, guessed after dinner with chocolate.

Colour Light amber

Scent Notes of vine flowers, pear juice and noble woods

Taste Soft, stylish, charming, full of character and personality

producer: Peyrot

Distillati principali
Liquore a base di Cognac
Foundation year
Rue du Paradis - Chemin de la Grande Champagne B.P. 42 - 16200 Jarnac