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Douro Rosso 'Cima Corgo' Mateus Nicolau de Almeida 2022

Douro Rosso 'Cima Corgo' Mateus Nicolau de Almeida 2022

Mateus Nicolau de Almeida

The Douro Rosso 'Cima Corgo' Mateus Nicolau de Almeida is a rich and juicy Portuguese red wine, aged 8 months in concrete tanks, where alcoholic fermentation also takes place. The nose expresses notes of berries, black cherry and balsamic hints, while the palate is full and enveloping, with soft tannins and a long, intense finish. Drink throughout a meal, accompanying meat dishes or tasty vegetarian first courses




Douro DOC


Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Sousao, Tinta Amarela and Trousseau


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in concrete tanks


8 months in concrete tanks

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Douro Red 'Cima Corgo' by Mateus Nicolau de Almeida embodies the excellence of Portuguese red wine. This product stands out as an oenological excellence that carries the history of a territory and the talent of a producer committed to authenticity. The presence of the Allis Shad on the label, part of the herring family, symbolizes the homeland of 'Cima Corgo,' being a creature that once ascended the Douro. Mateus Nicolau de Almeida, the producer of this extraordinary wine, emerges as a figure of authentic simplicity, with a story intertwined with the tradition of his family and territory, and the educational journey undertaken in Bordeaux.

The production of Douro Red 'Cima Corgo' by Mateus Nicolau de Almeida takes place in the picturesque Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in a unique environment: an underground schist cave. This choice reflects the producer's stated goal of being transparent and conveying the fundamental concepts of the Douro. The vines, grown on schist soils with varying compositions, contribute to the creation of a unique wine through standardized processes. Spontaneous co-fermentation in cement tanks, eight months of aging in the same vessel, and light filtration contribute to defining the profile of this wine.

The sensory characteristics of Douro Red 'Cima Corgo' tell a story of robust and fertile lands. The scent of wet grass on the nose, enriched with subtle hints of white pepper, anticipates a very pleasant tasting experience. The palate opens with a curious vegetal note, embracing a wide spectrum of red fruit and a spicy background. This wine, with its firm structure, lends itself to being enjoyed with a full meal, ideal for accompanying meat-based dishes or flavorful vegetarian first courses. Its iodized and mineral nuances, combined with fruity quality, create a balance that makes this wine an ideal companion for many gastronomic occasions.


Garnet red


Broad, rich and juicy, with velvety tannins and a long, lingering finish


Notes of red fruits and cherry, hints of balsam and underbrush