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Filari Corti Carussin
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Filari Corti Carussin


"Filari Corti" by Carussin is a lovely and easy to drink sweet sparkling white wine, light and fresh, balanced in sweet flavor and aromatic complexity. Aromatic sensations of mint, camomille and honey are pretty balanced in a fresh and flowing sip

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White grapes

Alcohol content

5 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing, natural sedimentation, fermentation at controlled temperature and cold stabilization

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The “Filari Corti” of Carussin was born in what might be called the "land of election" in terms of soil and climate of the Moscato Bianco, authentic creator of the fortunes of Italian sweet wine in the world. In this variety is linked to the history of Carussin, born in 1927, in the heart of the hills of Monferrato d’Asti at the behest of the founder Maggiore Ferro, now carried on by his nephew Bruna and her husband Luigi Garberoglio. The choices made for the development of the grapes of this area has led to wines with distinctive style, imprinted on forms of agriculture from low environmental impact and work in the winery devoted to the exaltation of the different characteristics of each grapes. The 22 hectares of vines are fully grown in an organic system, with experimental use of biodynamic preparations. From this premises born “Filari Corti” of Carussin, so called because of the rectangular shape of the land dedicated to this production. The balanced sweetness, never over the top, and the end floral flavor profile are the fundamental key of this, a prime example of wisdom winemaking able to do "more" with "less".


Pale straw yellow


Sweet, balanced with great flavorful


Intensely fruity, with hints of mint, chamomile and acacia