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'Fortanina Gran Cru' Ariola
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'Fortanina Gran Cru' Ariola


“Fortanina Grand Cru” by Ariola is a sweet red semi-sparkling wine, born from Fortana, a typical grape type from Emilia Romagna, also called Uva d’Oro. Intriguing and delicate perfumes of small red fruits introduces a sweet, fresh, lively, light and pleasant taste




Emilia IGT


Fortana (Uva d’Oro) 100%

Alcohol content

7 %


75 cl Bottle


Second fermentation in steel tanks according to the Charmat or Martinotti Method

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Ariola's "Fortanina" Gran Cru is an amabile sparkling wine that comes from a little-known grape variety, Fortana. We are in front of a bottle with a good sweet residue, perfect to cheer the end of meals with a range of gently fruity aromas. The nose is the prelude to a fresh and harmonious sip, which also thanks to the moderate alcohol content can be drunk with ease, taking care, however, to pay attention to the characteristics that this grape brings to the mouth. A label with a youthful and convivial spirit, born of the winery's great passion for its land.

Ariola "Fortanina" originates from an Emilia Romagna grape variety, Fortana, also known locally as Uova d'Oro. The vineyards where this variety grows are between 220 and 300 meters above sea level, and are characterized by a terroir composed of a loamy, clayey subsoil. The must obtained from the soft pressing of the berries ferments a first time in steel, while the refermentation takes place, as prescribed by the production principles of the Martinotti Method, the basis of the production of this label, in autoclaves, where the wine then remains to stabilize until the winery begins bottling procedures.

The "Fortanina" Gran Cru Ariola announces itself to the eye with a light color, reminiscent of ruby red tones. The froth that can be felt in the glass is lively, and the bubbles are marked by a fine grain. The aromas on the nose move on subtle notes, focused mainly on small forest fruits. In the mouth, it is slightly sweetish, with a fresh, flowing sip that is told by a balanced residual sugar. An original bottle to end a dinner party by accompanying desserts with a product of sure quality.


Light rubv red with a lively and subtle foam


Slightly sweet, fresh, lively and easy drinking, with a good residual sugar


Delicate and intriguing, with scents of small red fruits and wild strawberries