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Franciacorta Brut Saten Magnum Bellavista 2018
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Franciacorta Brut Saten Magnum Bellavista 2018


The Franciacorta Brut Saten from Bellavista is a full-bodied and fragrant vintage classic method sparkling wine, aged for at least 60 months on the lees in the bottle. The aromas are rich and exuberant, recalling exotic fruit, citrus and hazelnut. The sip is creamy, fresh and intense, crisp and elegant: a magnum of great impact!

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Franciacorta DOCG


Chardonnay 100%

Alcohol content

12.5 %


150 cl Magnum


At least 60 months on the lees

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites



Bellavista's Brut Saten is a creamy and elegant classic method, which by virtue of its consistent level of quality, has been able to carve out an important place for itself in the world of Franciacorta and, more generally, of Italian sparkling wines. Vittorio Moretti is one of those names that a wine enthusiast cannot ignore, having given birth, initially almost for fun, to a reality capable of reaching the heights of Italian sparkling wine and becoming a brand known worldwide. Chardonnay, the local princely grape, and Pinot Noir are interpreted in a modern way, thanks to a state-of-the-art winery and the use of small barrels for ageing, as in the case of Saten.

Bellavista's Franciacorta Saten is made exclusively from white grapes of the same vintage, in this case, pure Chardonnay. Another special feature of Saten is the bottle pressure, which must be less than 5 bar. The result is a more silky, velvety sparkling wine with fine, less perceptible perlage. Sourced from Chardonnay vines with better exposure, the grapes are meticulously selected in the vineyard and then in the winery. Maturation of the base wines takes place in small white oak barrels, which are then assembled for frothing. Extremely limited production for a bubbly that has been an emblem of sensuality and seduction since 1984, the first year of production.

As soon as Bellavista's Saten is poured into the glass, it denotes abundant, creamy foam and a perlage of rare finesse. The first olfaction opens on floral notes of peach and elderflower, not sparing hints of dried fruit, such as hazelnut. The rich and varied profile is complemented by pastry notes that entice tasting. It is a pure silk sip of feminine grace for the way it enters on tiptoe, yet without concealing a persuasive and soft matter, which fades on the trace of a refined salinity. Balance, class and elegance come together in a bottle that is suitable for celebration or for indulging in a satisfying experience. Revitalizing tonic, a magnum of great impact!


Straw yellow with light golden reflections


Fresh and inviting, soft and subtle in its refined elegance, with delicate citrus notes


Intense and seductive, complex, with notes of peach, honey and hazelnuts