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'Gargante' Sui Lieviti Nevio Scala	2021

'Gargante' Sui Lieviti Nevio Scala 2021

Scala Nevio

The Gargante di Nevio Scala is a semi-sparkling wine obtained through the refermentation to the ancestral method, that is to say, adding before the bottling of the passito must which naturally triggers a second fermentation. The scent expresses notes of yeast and fresh fruit, framed by light herbaceous aromas and is revealed in a fresh and enveloping sip, of excellent softness and reviving effervescent texture

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White grapes

Alcohol content

11.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing and fermentation with indigenous yeasts in concrete vatsm aging for 5 months and bottlig with passito must to trigger the second fermentation

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Gargante" Sui Lieviti by Nevio Scala is a spokesperson for the history of artisanal sparkling wines in the Veneto region. The label takes inspiration from the oldest peasant winemaking traditions when the Martinotti method for sparkling wine production in autoclaves was not yet known. Often, fermentations naturally stopped due to the cold and then restarted spontaneously in the bottle when the temperature rose again. In "Gargante," refermentation is induced by adding passito must before bottling, which also helps to enrich the wine's aromatic spectrum.

The "Gargante" Sui Lieviti is produced by the Nevio Scala winery, which, after treading the most important soccer stages in the Italian Serie A and at the end of a brilliant coaching career, decided to return to his peasant origins. He took over the small family business in Lozzo Atestino, in the province of Padua, and started producing wine. The estate is composed of arable land, olive groves, woods, and about 6 hectares of vineyards. Only sulfur and copper are used in the countryside, and the whole activity is focused on the desire to produce authentic wines capable of enhancing the qualities of indigenous grape varieties and the splendid territory of the Euganean Hills. The grapes are grown on volcanic soils with alluvial components. The harvest is slightly advanced to preserve the right freshness, and the grapes are then gently pressed. The must ferments with only indigenous yeasts.

Nevio Scala's Sui Lieviti sparkling wine "Gargante" is a sincere, immediate, and pleasantly fragrant wine to drink. In the glass, it has a straw yellow color, slightly veiled, with a delicate and abundant foam. The bouquet expresses characteristic aromas of bread yeast, citrus, white-fleshed fruit, and medicinal herbs. The sip is lively, with juicy and satisfying fruit that flows pleasantly towards a dry, fresh, and savory finish of authentic identity.


Veiled straw yellow with abundant froth


Full, smooth and satisfying, with an enveloping effervescence


Scents of yeast, white fruit pulp, references of aromatic herbs