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Gin Beside - 50cl

Gin Beside - 50cl

Beside Gin

Gin Beside is a craft distillate in the name of friendship, inspired by a sailing trip that starts on the Ligurian Riviera, in the Cinque Terre, and arrives in the ports of Cilento. For its creation, 15 botanicals from different parts of the world were selected, including Ligurian basil, orange blossom, citron and sage. A gin to drink in company, fresh straight or mixed

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Alcohol content

45 %


50 cl Bottle


Gin Beside is an Italian artisan creation that owes birth to the talented and creative perfumer and essence expert Baldo Baldinini. The project to create an original label that best expresses the characteristics of Mediterranean perfumes and aromas is based on an in-depth knowledge of the world of botanicals and essences. Only in this way was it possible to take the traditional English London Dry Gin as a model and transform it into an innovative, refined, fragrant, fresh and elegant distillate.

Beside Gin is the fruit of a young company driven by the desire to create a high-end distillate, yet one that retains a pleasantly convivial and carefree character. A Dry Gin with a typically Mediterranean flavour, sunny and captivating. It results from a long search for the best botanicals necessary to achieve a perfect harmony of expression. Baldo Baldinini possesses a rich laboratory of natural essences, which he used to select the best plants, barks, roots and flowers. Thanks to his talent as a perfumer, he has succeeded in giving Gin a territorial connotation without distorting its classic and essential profile. The process uses long extractions of the botanicals in hydro-alcoholic solutions and a subsequent distillation process in a traditional still, according to the most ancient customs.

Gin Beside is reminiscent of a sea voyage along the Mediterranean coast, with the gentle breeze carrying the scents of coastal vegetation. To the eye, it is clear, crystalline and transparent. Refined and of great elegance, it offers a bouquet characterised by clear notes of lime zest, ripe citrus fruits, nuances of orange blossom and white flowers, hints of medicinal herbs of maritime pine needles, resin, spontaneous shrubs of the Mediterranean maquis against a balsamic background of fragrant juniper berries. On the palate, it has a warm, enveloping entrance with intense aromas that lead to a long, fresh and very persistent sip. It is ideal for preparing a summery, thirst-quenching Gin&Tonic.




Herbaceous, resinous, fresh, complex and persistent


Hints of orange blossom and citrus fruits, notes of Mediterranean scrub and resinous aromas