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Gin London Dry Sipsmith

Gin London Dry Sipsmith


The London Dry Gin Sipsmith is a British gin produced in London with Mediterranean botanists. It is very intense, full-bodied, dry and spicy, with notes of juniper, roots and citrus fruits in evidence. A gin of great character!

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Alcohol content

41.6 %


70 cl Bottle


The London Dry Gin by Sipsmith is produced by a company founded in 2009 in London, when two young and enterprising British, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall, put on (assembling it themselves) the first copper pot still able to produce their gin in small quantities (120-160 bottles for each single distillation). They decide to start production of gin according to the dictates of the past use of discontinuous copper still which means producing a gin with a strong aroma, full-bodied and intense, small-scale production in order to focus on quality, authenticity and originality of the product and finally botanists from unique locations. The botanicals used are anise and lavender from Macedonia, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, angelica root from France, Spain from licorice root, orris root (Iris) from Italy, almonds and lemon peel from Spain, cinnamon sticks Madagascar, cassia bark from China and eventually peel of Seville oranges. Mixed with pure water of the river Lydwell, the result is a very dry gin with a freshness of citrus spicy. The nose the strong smell of juniper and coriander are accompanied by subtle aromas of cinnamon and orange peel, well integrated, harmonious and refreshing. The palate opens with a plot of pronounced flavors: lavender and anise that offer a bit of sweetness followed by the lemon, the orange marmalade. The mouth is oily and spices fade slowly giving a long and dry.


Transparent and brilliant


Intense, harmonious, elegant, beautiful persistence


Intense notes of juniper, citrus and spicy with a final