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Gin Sicilian Dry 'Capperi!' Nysura

Gin Sicilian Dry 'Capperi!' Nysura

Nysura Distillery

The Gin Sicilian Dry 'Capers!' Nysura is a fresh, fragrant gin that captures all the aromas of Sicily in spring. Dry, balsamic and Mediterranean, it is flavored with typical Sicilian botanicals: citrus, almond, licorice, thyme, eucalyptus and the ever-present caper blossoms. Combine with a tonic with a Mediterranean breath for a Cocktail that will make you feel on vacation!




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Distillate of ethyl alcohol and juniper flavored with citrus, almond, licorice, wild thyme, eucalyptus, sage and caper flowers

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The 'Capperi!' Gin by Nysura Distillery represents a fascinating sensory journey into the heart of Sicily. This independent micro-distillery, located in Nissoria, from which it takes its name, embodies the essence of the Sicilian landscape, becoming a excellence in the production of artisanal gin. The company's approach is fundamental, managing the entire production process on-site, from the careful collection of botanicals to distillation, and finally bottling. The label, curated by the artist Mariagrazia Pontorno, depicts the founder, Dario Rinaldi, immersed in his creative thoughts. The idiomatic exclamation "capperi!" associated with the gin becomes a hymn to surprise and joy in discovering a new, refined, unique, artisanal product and a symbol of the Sicilian territory.

Nysura Distillery with its Sicilian Gin 'Capperi!' is a reality that expresses love for the territory and respect for natural cycles. The distillery is licensed for alcohol rectification and oversees every phase of the production process. The choice to closely monitor the collection of botanicals, distillation, and bottling is the key to obtaining high-quality artisanal gin. In a blend of tradition and innovation, Nysura Distillery is committed to enhancing the freshness of raw materials, reflecting nature and seasonal rhythms.

The 'Capperi!' Gin is Nysura Distillery's homage to the Mare Nostrum, an authentic attempt to capture a spring day in Sicily in a bottle. This gin evokes the Mediterranean breeze, the delicacy of caper flowers, the warmth of the sun embracing the land, and the scents carried by the wind. Botanicals, including juniper, citrus, almond, licorice, wild thyme, eucalyptus, sage, and caper flowers, harmoniously blend to create a unique taste profile, resulting in a sought-after artisanal distillate.


Transparent, crystalline


Delicate, dry, fresh and balsamic


Notes of herbs, citrus, floral and herbaceous hints