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Grappa 'Bassano 24 Carati' Jacopo Poli

Grappa 'Bassano 24 Carati' Jacopo Poli

Poli Jacopo

The Grappa  "Bassano 24 Carati" by Jacopo Poli is an extravecchia grappa with complex, roasted aromas and a deep, well-structured flavor with an aftertaste of vanilla and cocoa, aged for 24 months in oak carat




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


24 months in oak barrels


Grappa "Bassano 24 Carati" is an immediately understandable, balanced and graceful product that transports us with style and elegance within the traditions of Veneto and its distillate par excellence. Poli is, in fact, a strongly rooted production reality, which can boast solid roots in the production of Grappa, dating as far back as the late nineteenth century. A distillery where memory and modern technology blend to perfection, giving rise to products such as this "Bassano 24 Carati," Grappa in which the aromas are ample and the sip is always of remarkable workmanship. A label that agrees with the palate of all enthusiasts, to be had at all times to spend evenings in the name of quality.

This "Bassano 24 Carati" is a Grappa that the Poli distillery makes from the mixed pomace of typical grape varieties grown in this part of the Veneto region. Distillation is carried out with highly artisanal procedures in small batches, using a copper still with steam cauldrons on a discontinuous cycle. Once the production process is complete, the Grappa is aged for 24 months in French oak barrels inside the distillery's underground cellars.

Grappa "Bassano 24 Carati" manifests itself to the eye with a very deep, golden yellow colour. The olfactory spectrum that develops on the nose presents roasted notes, which interact with more spicy sensations and coffee nuances. On the palate, it is very full-bodied and rounded, with a velvety sip that gives rise to a pleasantly fine and satisfying drink. A label with which Poli wishes to pay homage to the traditions of Bassano del Grappa, confirming its position as one of the benchmarks for the production of one of Italy's most important spirits.


Intense golden yellow


Complex and well structured, soft, elegant and velvety


Notes of vanilla and cocoa, with hints of toasted wood, licorice and coffee