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Grappa di Amarone Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda - 50cl

Grappa di Amarone Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda - 50cl


The Grappa di Amarone Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda is a dry and intense white grappa, distilled in an alembic still from the pomace of the Amarone produced in the winery. With an austere scent of cherries under spirits, the sip is dry and fragrant, with great persistence on the palate




Alcohol content

43 %


50 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Amarone Vinacce


Grappa di vinaccia di Amarone from the Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda winery is a grappa from the Veneto region that is characterised by its specifically fruity aromatic profile. This distillate is the result of a collaboration between Marinella Camerani's Corte Sant'Alda winery, which specialises in the production of typical Valpolicella wines, and the Franceschini Bruno distillery, one of the oldest and most renowned distilleries in the Cavaion Veronese area. Since 1973, the Franceschini family has been producing grappa from the prized marc of the Veronese territory, Amarone della Valpolicella above all.

Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda Grappa di vinaccia di Amarone is made from the marc of Amarone and delivered to the Franceschini Bruno distillery, still warm and steaming after a light pressing. This is followed by the distillation of the pomace in the traditional still, consisting of small discontinuous boilers powered by direct steam. The distillation process produces the distillate at an alcohol content of approximately 75°, of which the central part is retained, which is then diluted with distilled water to an alcohol volume of 43-44%. This white version, which undergoes no ageing, is directly bottled in a numbered series.

To the eye, Camerani's Grappa di Vinaccia di Amarone - Corte Sant'Alda has a transparent and crystalline appearance. Intense and austere hints of cherries in spirit and plums describe the nose, surrounded by subtle floral and balsamic notes. In the mouth, it is dry, fine and fragrant, with a very long fruity persistence. We recommend serving this white grappa at 16-18 °C in classic tall tulip-shaped grappa glasses.


Transparent, crystalline


Dry, fine and fragrant, very persistent


Austere aromas of plum and cherries in spirit