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Grappa di Arneis Marolo

Grappa di Arneis Marolo

Marolo - Distilleria Santa Teresa

Marolo's Grappa di Arneis is a white grappa with a delicate, floral character and a fragrant, elegant and balanced sip with subtle hints of dog rose. It is made from Arneis grape pomace and expresses the best characteristics of this native Piedmontese grape variety




Alcohol content

42 %


70 cl Bottle


Marolo's signature Arneis Grappa is characterized by its floral profile, which dominates the tasting, tracing a continuous thread between nose and mouth. Elegant and delicate, this Grappa testifies to the great skill of the Marolo distillery, which, at every stage of production, from the selection of the best pomace to bottling, elevates Grappa to excellence in the Piedmont region. A perfect label to take with you when you are invited to dinner.

Marolo Grappa di Arneis is made from the pomace of the grape variety of the same name, from an area where Arneis always expresses itself at excellent levels, the Roero. Particular care is taken by the distillery during the process of selecting the pomace, which arrives very fresh in the cellar, where it is found alambics operating with steam cauldrons, following the discontinuous method. Once the grappa is obtained, it is left to rest for a few months in stainless steel containers until bottling operations begin, followed by a release for sale.

The Arneis Grappa made by the Marolo distillery is revealed to the eye with a crystal clear colour, totally colourless. Subtle and refined is the olfactory profile that spreads to the nose, where floral notes play the leading role, with a marked hint especially of dog rose and enriched by notes of fruit. Refined and enveloping, the sip in its entry on the palate where shines a clear, clean taste, consistent with the nose, aligning with it with a typically floral flavour. The ideal bottle to end the evening in the best possible way, sipping a distillate of undisputed quality while chatting about more and less with lifelong friends.


Clear, transparent


Elegant, clean, fragrant and floral, well-balnced


Delicate and floral, with hints of rosa canina