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Marolo - Distilleria Santa Teresa

The master of grappa and the spirit of Piedmont
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1977
Annual production 90.000 bt
Address Corso Canale, 105 - 12051 Alba (CN)

The history of the prestigious Marolo brothers' distillery is an example of innovation, tenacity and great intuition. It all began in the 1970s, when Paolo Marolo, a young professor at the Scuola Enologica, became enthusiastic while attending a course on herbalism and liqueur-making; this was the origin of a dream, which led him to link his name to that of high quality Piedmontese grappa.

In 1977 Paolo Marolo founded, together with his brother, a small distillery in the family home in Mussotto d'Alba, which took its name from a fresco depicting Saint Teresa of Avila. In a context dominated by large industrial distilleries, Paolo reintroduced the traditional steam cauldron system, more expensive and slower than industrial continuous stills, but able to guarantee smoothness and complexity to the distillate. The first experiments with Muscat marc yielded results that went far beyond expectations. On the strength of the first results achieved, Paolo then specialised in the distillation of Nebbiolo marc, introducing, after lengthy experiments, acacia wood for ageing.

Today, the Marolo brothers' Santa Teresa Distillery is run by Paolo and his son Lorenzo, who are able to combine the ancient craftsmanship techniques with the most modern equipment to continue pursuing the original objective: to transform the traditional Piedmontese grappa into a product of great excellence. Marolo's grappas, whether white or aged, produced from marc from the racking of the largest and most characteristic wines of Piedmont, such as Barolo, Barbera, Moscato and Arneis, are now at the top of grappa production in all of northern Italy.

"Usare il naso, le mani e il palato per creare ogni anno raffinate varianti, tutte sempre originali e uniche, perché frutto di un grande amore per il proprio lavoro"

Paolo Marolo
The Grappe by Marolo - Distilleria Santa Teresa