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Passito 'I Capitelli' Anselmi 2022 - 37.5cl
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Passito 'I Capitelli' Anselmi 2022 - 37.5cl


"I Capitelli" by Anselmi is a passito wine made from Garganega grapes, harvested when fully ripe and left to dry in well-ventilated rooms before starting the alcoholic fermentation in small oak barrels. A sweet wine, but never maudlin, with a bright golden yellow color and a soothing olfactory bouquet that gives variegated notes of dried apricot, saffron, citrus peel and custard

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Veneto IGT


Garganega 100%


Alcohol content

12 %


37.5 cl Bottle


Manual harvesting, grapes dried in airy rooms and alcoholic fermentation in oak barrels


8 months in oak barrels and few months in bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Passito 'I Capitelli' is produced by the Anselmi Winery in Monteforte d'Alpone from the area's native white grape variety: Garganega. Made by vinifying grapes that have undergone a period of drying, it is a dessert wine soft and persuasive, perfect to serve at the end of a meal. Its aromas captivate with a rich, intense but not opulent profile. On the palate it surprises with its perfect balance of flavours, allowing one to appreciate the complex sweetness of the aromas, well tempered by just the right amount of freshness.

'I Capitelli' is a dessert wine that confirms the great Veneto tradition in the production of this type of label. Garganega vines are cultivated in the territories of the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone, on soils composed of volcanic tuffs and limestone. After the harvest, the healthiest and ripest bunches of Garganega are selected and placed to dry on special racks in well-ventilated rooms to prevent the development of mould. During this period, the grapes dehydrate, losing about 40% of their initial weight and concentrating the sugars and aromas. After a couple of months, the dried grapes are vinified and fermented very slowly in oak barrels. The wine matures again in oak barrels for at least 8 months and completes the ageing period with a few months in the bottle.

Anselmi 'I Capitelli' is an expression of the historic custom in the Veronese area of producing wines from dried grapes. It is a perfect bottle to bring to the table at the end of dinner with dry pastries, but it goes equally well with a board of very mature or blue cheeses. In the glass, it has a beautiful golden colour with slight amber hues. The olfactory picture presents a palette of aromas ranging from white flowers to citrus peel, from ripe yellow fruit to hints of tropical and honey, from dried fruit to memories of custard. The sip is harmonious, with a sweet and enveloping entrance, which finds momentum in a pleasant vein of freshness.


Golden light yellow with amber shadows


Well balanced between sweethness and freshness, soft, intense and never maudlin


Variegated and refined with dried figs and apricot, saffron, honey, citrus peel and custard