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Kadarka Maurer Oszkar 2021

Kadarka Maurer Oszkar 2021

Maurer Oszkar

Maurer Oszkar's Kadarka is a red wine made from Kadarka, a grape variety native to Hungary. Aging for 9 months in large Hungarian oak barrels gives the wine a delicate spicy streak, which accompanies the intensity of ripe red fruit notes. Young, dynamic and ready to drink, very versatile in pairings and perfect to serve slightly chilled!




Kadarka 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation in open vats


9 months in large Hungarian oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Maurer Oszkar's Kadarka is one of the most representative reds of this interesting Serbian wine cellar with its family character. The wine is made from the red grape variety of the same name that originated in Hungary, which has acclimatised very well in these lands, which can boast a tradition in the field of viticulture that dates back to Roman times and in particular to the work of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus. This is a pleasantly flowing red wine, fresh and fragrant, with rich aromas of red fruit and spices. A wine with a convivial character, perfect to enjoy with friends on informal occasions.

The Kadarka red wine originates on the Maurer Oszkar estate, which consists of two different estates. One estate is located in the Srem area, near the Fruska Gora mountain range, which reaches an altitude of over 500 metres above sea level. The vineyards cover an area of 9 hectares and are characterised by heterogeneous soils of volcanic and alluvial origin, with the presence of sedimentary rocks. The estate in the Subotica region covers an area of 7 hectares and is characterised by soils composed of sands resting on deeper substrates of clay and limestone loess, mixed with stones. The Kadarka vineyards are predominantly located in the Srem area. After harvesting, the grapes are fermented spontaneously using indigenous yeasts in open vats. The wine matures in large used Hungarian oak barrels and is bottled without sulphites or only with a minimal addition, so as to respect its natural integrity.

Kadarka Maurer Oszkar wine is the pure expression of high-quality grapes grown under organic farming methods and a winemaking process that is very respectful of the raw material. The winery's aim is to present the authentic face of the Kadarka vine in its clear expressive immediacy, without any oenological mediation. The wine has a beautiful, clear and brilliant ruby colour. The olfactory profile is an explosion of fragrant fruity aromas reminiscent of wild strawberries, raspberry, redcurrant, morello cherry, vegetal hints of undergrowth and a subtle vein of spice. Pleasantly satisfying, it has very fine tannins and a juicy, crisp and overwhelming sip that closes with fruity sensations of great freshness.


Bright ruby red, almost translucent


Fresh, genuine, fruity with mineral and earthy notes


Berries, strawberries and raspberries with fresh mineral and underbrush hints and a delicate spicy vein