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Kit Cocktail Martini Americano 160°

Kit Cocktail Martini Americano 160°


The American Martini 160° Cocktail Kit comes in a special package with everything you need to mix a great American cocktail: Bitter and Vermouth, along with a siphon to make a cocktail in great shape!


  • 1 Bitter Premium
  • 1 Vermouth di Torino Rubino Riserva Speciale Martini
  • 1 sifone Martini



Alcohol content

28.5 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Il Kit Cocktail Martini Americano 160° è una confezione imperdibile firmata Martini contenente tutto il necessario per la preparation of a delicious American cocktail. This cocktail, which can be considered the father of the Negroni, would seem to have originated in 1860 at Bar Gaspare Campari in Milan as a variation of the Milano Torino cocktail, the latter made with bitter and vermouth. Another hypothesis suggests that the cocktail was created and publicized in the first half of the 20th century by Martini & Rossi to encourage the export of their vermouth to the United States.

Inside the Martini Americano 160th Cocktail Kit is a bottle of Bitter Riserva Premium, a bottle of Vermouth di Torino Riserva Speciale Rubino and a Sifone, a must-have accessory for those who love the art of mixing, all Martini signature products enclosed in a beautiful bright red box dedicated to the Americano. Bitter Riserva Premium is still made according to the old original recipe, created in 1872 and based on the use of about 20 botanicals, including saffron, angostura and columba. The liqueur is then aged in wooden barrels before bottling, resulting in a traditionally styled bitter characterized by intense citrus and herbal sensations. As for Vermouth di Torino Riserva Speciale Rubino, this is a flavored wine that is created by infusing a selection of spices and herbs into Nebbiolo wine. Its taste is spicy and deep, with great personality, while the nose expresses irresistible tones of artemisia and red sandalwood.

The association between the products contained in the Martini Cocktail Americano 160° Kit will give rise to an Americano...100% Made in Italy, able to surprise your guests. This package also makes a perfect gift for mixology lovers.