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Xinisteri Madari Hills Ekfraseis 2021

Xinisteri Madari Hills Ekfraseis 2021


Ekfraseis' Xinisteri Madari Hills is a white wine made from Xynisteri, an indigenous grape variety of Cyprus, at an elevation of 1450 meters - the winery, in fact, manages some of the highest vineyards in Europe and the world. The result is a fresh, mineral wine, in which fruity notes of white-fleshed fruit and delicate hints of jasmine are supported by a fine, lingering savoriness on the finish. A white that tells in its aromas and flavors the story of a unique wine-growing area

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Xynisteri 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Partial maturation in oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Ekfraseis winery's Xinisteri Madari Hills is a sought-after Cypriot white wine with a fresh, mineral taste that reflects the high altitudes at which the grapes are grown. Xynisteri is the most important white grape variety on the island of Cyprus and is valued as much for its oenological aptitude as for its great resistance to vine diseases. The wine obtained from this variety can in some respects be reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc, with which it shares aromatic herbal aromas and remarkable freshness. This grape was also traditionally left to dry in the sun to make a delicious dessert wine.
Ekfraseis Xinisteri Madari Hills originates from only Xynisteri grapes from 60-year-old vines located on the slopes of Mount Madari, at an altitude of 1,450 metres above sea level. The climate is mild during the summer period, characterised by significant temperature variations between day and night, while the soils are rich in stones and poor in organic substance, factors that favour a production of less quantity but greater quality. Vinification takes place through soft pressing of the grapes and after alcoholic fermentation, the wine matures partly in oak barrels for several months.
On visual examination, the Xinisteri Madari Hills of Ekfraseis has a brilliant straw-yellow colour. The aromatic bouquet is broad and intense in its aromas of white-fleshed fruit, lemon, tropical fruit, bergamot and hay, combined with sweet floral hints of jasmine and delicately herbaceous hints. The palate, very fresh and mineral, is characterised by vivid fruity sensations of green apple and melon that persist for a long time.


Bright straw yellow


Fresh, mineral, fruity memories of green apple and melon are balanced by good acidity


Broad and intense bouquet of white-fleshed fruit, lemon, bergamot and delicate jasmine aromas