Malvasía Riojana

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Malvasia Riojana 'La Pequenita' Alonso & Pedrajo 2018 Malvasia Riojana 'La Pequenita' Alonso & Pedrajo 2018
Alonso & Pedrajo
La Rioja (Spain)
Grape varieties
Malvasia Riojana 95%, white grapes 5%
Bottle size
75 cl Bottle
Malvasia Riojana "La Pequenita" from the Alonso & Pedrajo winery is an aromatic and fragrant white wine that goes well with fish and spicy dishes. The variety of the same name expresses the terroir to perfection and, thanks to spontaneous fermentation and non-filtration, you have the chance to taste an authentic and territorial label. The colour is straw yellow with brilliant golden reflections and the scents emanate herbaceous and floral sensations. The taste is sweet, soft, with fine tannins and a very long finish. 
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