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Malvasia di Bosa Riserva Columbu 2017 - 50cl
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Malvasia di Bosa Riserva Columbu 2017 - 50cl

Columbu Giovanni Battista

The Malvasia di Bosa Riserva is a dry, full-bodied and intense aromatic wine, vinified in oxidation and aged for at least 24 months in chestnut barrels. It presents a deep straw-yellow colour and an intense bouquet of dried fruit, with a soft and dry taste, warm and complex: for meditation. A wine with great personality and aromatic richness, a wine that gives emotions and is reminiscent of a Vin Jeaune from the Jura




Malvasia di Bosa DOC


Malvasia di Sardegna 100%


Alcohol content

16 %


50 cl Bottle


In steel tabks with indigenous yeasts


At least 24 months in chestnut barrels with flor yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Oxidative Style, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Malvasia di Bosa Riserva Columbu is an extraordinary oxidative wine, a true piece of Sardinian history and of a family that has always been linked to this land. Giovanni Battista Columbu was one of the most representative men of Sardinian winemaking, particularly of a small appellation that achieved fame thanks to his extraordinary interpretations. His memorable appearance in Jonathan Nossiter's Mondovino, together with his wife Lina, helped to make a small piece of Italian oenology known abroad, but the quality of the liquids produced here has been the same for decades, or rather since Giovanni Battista decided to take over 3.5 hectares of vineyards in the Bosa countryside, planted mostly with Malvasia. Wines light years away from sweetness or complacency, driven by the salt of the sea and the virtuous contribution of oxidation. An unforgettable sip of earth.

Malvasia di Bosa Riserva is made from pure grapes of the biotype of the same name, used to produce an almost immortal oxidative wine. The base wine ferments spontaneously in stainless steel containers and is then matured for at least 24 months in drained barrels so that the flor, a delicate layer of yeast due to the oxygen, acts on the liquid and initiates virtuous oxidation.

The Malvasia di Bosa Columbu presents itself in the glass with an intense yellow dress edged with golden reflections. The nose is impetuous and exciting, displaying hints of walnut husk, saltiness, helichrysum and toasted hazelnuts. Rigour and austerity do not prevent the liquid from stretching out and opening up further, returning hints of apricot and oriental spices. The taste is dry, turgid and driven by a debordant saline texture that lengthens the liquid into an almost boundless persistence.


Straw yellow with golden and amber hues


Smooth and round, warm, complex and warm


Intense and toasted, with hints of nuts and almonds