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Mi-To 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl

Mi-To 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl


Milano Torino DelMago is an aperitif cocktail ready to be served and tasted. The result of the inspiration of the chef Marcello Trentini, is made according to tradition with a mixing in equal parts of Vermouth and Bitter. The result is a drink of good sweetness and classic bitter notes, ideal to sip accompanied by appetizers. Ideal for 5 Cocktail



Alcohol content

20 %


50 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

DelMago Bitter (water, sugar, alcohol, natural flavourings, colourings E122, E102) and DelMago Gin


The Mi-To 'Ready to Drink' DelMago is a ready-to-pour, ready-to-drink version of a great classic of Italian tradition. The Mi-To cocktail perfectly synthesises two great traditions and is the meeting point of a not-so-subterranean rivalry that has always existed between the Savoy capital and the city of Milan. The story began back in 1786 when Antonio Benedetto Carpano created the official recipe for Vermouth in his Turin workshop. The liqueur soon became the aperitif par excellence, conquering first the Italian and then the international market. Milan's response was not long in coming. In 1860, the well-known Milanese brand Campari launched its Bitter, a modern answer to the historic Vermouth from Turin. It was then the birth of the Mi-To cocktail that brought everyone together, combining the two liqueurs in equal proportions.

The Mi-To DelMago 'Ready to Drink' was born from a simple and ingenious idea. To propose ready-to-drink cocktails in bottles without having to improvise as a bartender every time. Simplicity, speed, convenience and quality are the keywords that drove chef Marcello Trentini to indulge his passion for the world of spirits and cocktails, creating a range of absolutely innovative and ingenious labels. The Mi-To perfectly represents the spirit of this initiative and gives the immediate pleasure of enjoying a perfectly executed cocktail and, above all, made with high-quality products, carefully crafted. It is an equal mix of DelMago Bitter and DelMago Red Vermouth, a combination of extraordinary balance.

The Mi-To "Ready to Drink" DelMago is the union of two excellences. Vermouth's persuasive, aromatic and vinous softness finds a perfect balance in the dry, intense and slightly bitter taste of Bitter. The result is a perfect drink expressing a harmonious taste of great pleasure. To the eye, it has a brilliant ruby red colour with luminous garnet reflections. The olfactory picture is particularly intense and broad, with notes of citrus peel, bitter orange, bergamot, medicinal herbs, soft spices, aromatic herbs, and hints of rhubarb against a vinous background. The palate is rich, with a pleasant contrast between a sweet, spicy entry and a drier, bitter finish.



Red ruby with bright scents


Balanced, pleasantly sweet and at the same time rich in bitter notes


Notes of aromatic and bitter herbs meet the sweetness of spices and licorice