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'Na' Bianco Cantina Giardino

'Na' Bianco Cantina Giardino

Cantina Giardino

"Na" by Cantina Giardino is a white wine from Campania with a pure and fresh sip, the result of a four-day maceration on the skins and the absence of filtration processes. With a slightly veiled golden color that turns towards orange, it gives brackish shades, notes of barley, aromatic herbs and summer fruit. The taste is satisfying, taut and rich, with a vibrant freshness and a pleasant acetic note




White grapes


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with maceration on the skins for 4 days

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Macerated on grape peel, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Cantina Giardino's 'Na' Bianco is a vibrant and sincere wine that is part of the Na-Tu-Re trilogy, the triad of the most straightforward and convivial wines bottled by the legendary winery in Ariano Irpino. In fact, the term legend is not used at random when speaking of Cantina Giardino, an Irpinian winery founded in 2003 by a group of friends with a shared passion for good wine and the shared idea of enhancing a land of extraordinary potential, driven by the oenological knowledge of Antonio di Gruttola. The credo is to banish any chemical or synthetic substances, using natural preparations and very little copper and sulphur, exclusively valorising local native vines such as Aglianico, Fiano, Greco, Falanghina and Coda di Volpe. All the wines are characterised by a verve and daring expressiveness, which, however, conceals a not inconsiderable depth of flavour and increasing definition as one approaches the top wines. But the emotional power of liquids is not questioned, never. Wines of the heart.

Na' Bianco wine is made from white grapes, with short maceration on the skins lasting two days. In the vineyard, the idea is to let the grape, the terroir and the vintage speak for themselves, not overpowering this triad with any chemical or synthetic substances. In the cellar, the credo is the same, and we always proceed with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation without the liquids undergoing clarification or filtration. When it occurs, the addition of sulphur dioxide is in homoeopathic doses.

The white 'Na' illuminates the goblet, with its golden robe turning orange. Orange also returns to the nose in the form of zest, immediately followed by hints of burnt wheat, wild herbs and sulphurous scents. The variegated but forthright olfactory profile is confirmed by a no-frills sip, endowed with invigorating freshness and a fine saline impetus. As taut as a violin string, it is the perfect remedy for the impending arsure.


Veiled golden yellow with orange tints


Straightforward, expressive, savory and full of tension, with vibrant freshness and light and pleasant acetic tips


Notes of Mediterranean herbs, caramelized barley, citrus, fresh white fruit and brackish breezes