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Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco 2022

Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco 2022

Cascina Chicco

The Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco is a rich, elegant red wine aged in barriques a few months. Soft, fine, full, with heady aromas of wild berries, morello cherry, hints of rose and violet and slight spicy nuances. Perfect to accompany meat dishes typical of Piedmontese cuisine!




Langhe DOC


Nebbiolo 100%


Alcohol content

14.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel


A few months in oak barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco is a red wine that traces its roots to the picturesque area of Costa, in the municipality of Castagnito. This region is renowned for its dedication to Nebbiolo production, imparting unique and distinctive characteristics to the wine. The winery, Cascina Chicco, stands out for its devotion and mastery in winemaking, crafting a product that reflects the authenticity of the territory. The label itself becomes a conveyer of valuable information, narrating the history and commitment behind each bottle.

The magic of Nebbiolo Langhe DOC Cascina Chicco begins in the vineyards, rooted in a clay-limestone soil with veins of sand. The choice of this area, with its ideal pedoclimatic conditions, imparts extraordinary finesse and elegance to the wine. Harvesting involves a double pass, showcasing meticulous attention to obtaining perfect grapes. The maceration, crucial for extracting aromas and flavors, takes place in stainless steel fermenters, where the temperature is carefully controlled for about 4-5 days. Subsequently, Nebbiolo rests in 600-liter oak barrels for 8-9 months, undergoing malolactic fermentation before being reintroduced to stainless steel tanks for bottling.

The sensory masterpiece of Nebbiolo Langhe DOC Cascina Chicco reveals itself through its organoleptic characteristics. The garnet ruby color anticipates an elegant and complex bouquet, combining notes of violet, marasca, and a subtle spiciness. This symphony of aromas sets the stage for a delicate and full flavor that caresses the palate with softness. This wine pairs magnificently with roasts, white and red meat grills, game, and aged cheeses. The recommended pairings underscore the high quality and extraordinary versatility of Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco, making it an ideal choice for memorable gastronomic experiences.


Deep garnet red


Rich, full and balanced, with a long finish and well-integrated tannins


Notes of berries, morello cherry, rose and violet, accompanied by slight hints of spice