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'Ox' Blanco Malaparte - 37.5cl

'Ox' Blanco Malaparte - 37.5cl

This "Ox" Blanco Malaparte is an oxidized white, in the format of half a bottle. Produced with numerous local white berried varieties, it undergoes a very particular method of aging: it is put in large glass demijohns and left for a whole year outdoors, matured by the weather of the 'castillano' weather. This allows the development of the 'flor', yeasts that give the particular oxidative character to the wine: aromas of fruit and macerated flowers, of toasted dried fruit, as well as giving great body. The result is a rich wine of great pleasure, perfect to sip calmly, perhaps with a plate of tasty cheeses



Albillo, Jerez, Huerta del Rey, Verdejo


Alcohol content

14 %


50 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel vats


12 months in glass demijohns, outdoors

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Oxidative Style, Indigenous yeasts, Organic, No added sulfites or minimum, Amphora Wine

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


Malaparte's 'OX' Blanco is produced in the autonomous region of Castilla y León. Mariano de Frutos' business started in 1996 when he bought about 3 hectares of land cultivated entirely with Tempranillo in an area that has always been suitable for viticulture. In 2004, he began the commercialisation of his wine, which has evolved over time, also thanks to Elisa and Ruben joining the company, who take care of the commercial and technical departments, respectively. Mariano has also started work to recover and valorise old indigenous vines to give more prominence to the promising Spanish territory.

The Albillo, Jerez, Huerta del Rey and Verdejo grapes of Malaparte's 'OX' Blanco grow on limestone soils at an altitude of around 900 metres above sea level. The climate is characterised by high temperatures in summer but with little humidity present and mild winters, thanks in part to the intervention of sea breezes; there are significant temperature swings between day and night that lead to the grapes reaching full ripeness. The grapes are harvested manually, and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts takes place in steel in the cellar. It matures 12 months in glass demijohns placed outdoors for about a year.

Malaparte's 'OX' Blanco is an intense golden yellow in the glass with brilliant reflections; the aromas are reminiscent of fruit jam, macerated flowers and notes of dried fruit. In the mouth, it reveals a rich, intense, slightly oxidised structure and a fresh finish that invites one to drink. It pairs perfectly with stewed white meats, smoked fish and first courses with seafood and shellfish; interesting with blue cheeses. A niche product to keep in one's personal cellar to be drunk on special occasions or to celebrate family celebrations, enjoying a unique product with rare flavours.


Intense golden yellow


Intense and rich, pleasantly 'funky', oxidized and with a fresh finish


Fruit compote, macerated flowers, oxidative notes of dried fruit