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Pet Nat 'Dindi' Malaparte

Pet Nat 'Dindi' Malaparte


The "Dindi Ancestral" is a semi-sparkling wine produced with the ancestral method, that is refermented in bottle with the indigenous yeasts of the skins. Based on Verdejo, the white variety pride of Castilla, the Dindi is truly refreshing. The fine bubbles tickle the palate, then aromas of white flowers, sustained freshness and a pleasing almond note on the finish entice one sip, then another one




Verdejo 100%

Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and refermentation in bottle according to the Ancestral Method

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


With 'Dindi' from the Malaparte winery, we proudly welcome sparkling wines made with the ancestral method from Castilla y Leon, Spain. This Spanish ancestral will be your salvation on summer afternoons, simple without ever being banal, of pure and joyful conviviality. The star grape of this label is the Verdejo, a variety typical of the Castilla region, where the bodega Malaparte is based, precisely in Cuéllar. Here, everything started with the idea of ennobling this wine-growing area with the production of wines with an agricultural and slightly funky character.

Malaparte's Pet Nat is called 'Dindi' and is a classic example of a sparkling wine made with anchorral method from pure Verdejo grapes. What does this mean? Let's start with the vineyard management: the 5 and a-half hectares owned by the bodega Malaparte are cultivated organically, and the vines are fortunate enough to be located at an altitude of 900 metres and can enjoy the marked temperature excursions between day and night. Moving on to the cellar: the grapes are left to ferment spontaneously without industrial yeasts, and the wine is bottled with the sugars still present. With the arrival of spring following the harvest, 'Dindi' naturally re-ferments in the bottle, giving rise to its inimitable and refreshing bubbles.

With its 'Dindi', Malaparte wants to ennoble sparkling wines with joyful and convivial drinking. This Pet Nat presents itself to the glass with a bright yellow colour rich in golden reflections and releases pleasant notes of white flowers and apple and peach flesh on the nose, with pleasant herbaceous and Mediterranean nuances in return, especially bay leaves. In the mouth, it is agile, flowing and unsophisticated, with invigorating freshness and pleasant savoury lengthening. Its distinctive note? A hint of almond on the finish.

When the thirst for sparkling, simple, yet captivating, light but never boring calls, Malaparte's 'Dindi' answers in a loud voice!


Bright yellow with golden reflections


Agile to the sip and incredibly easy to drink, of pleasant and invigorating freshness


White flowers, apple and peach juice, Mediterranean herbs like laurel and almond on the finish