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Rosso vivace 'Pietra del Gallo' Vigneti Massa 2022

Rosso vivace 'Pietra del Gallo' Vigneti Massa 2022

Vigneti Massa

Pietra del Gallo is a light and fresh red wine, with pleasant floral notes of violet and pink and a nice finish of red fruit, dynamic, lively, aged for 6 months in glass.

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Red grapes

Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration and fermentation in closed end to keep the carbon dioxide of natural fermentation

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Pietra del Gallo" by Walter Massa is fully part of the wines of the Piedmont tradition, among the wines of the heart of those who lived through the past decades. A wine that was usually vinified in lively version, but suffered a decisive renewal in recent years thanks to the work of Walter Massa, a manufacturer unique animated by a passion for wine and a choice as simple as brilliant: restore luster to those vines forgotten. It is a a wine that comes from rural tradition of Piedmont and can have considerable potential for aging.

The "Pietra del Gallo" Walter was born in the homonymous vineyard, located in Tortona, vineyards of over 20 years exposed to the east; here the ground limestone and clay helps give structure. It is a light and fresh wine without doubt, that with the work of Walter Massa takes enviable characteristics and fascinating. Dynamic, lively, with a bouquet pulpy and juicy red fruit notes where alternate and blend in a delightful blend with those of violet and rose. Intense and rich, fresh and round, fleshy and juicy, with a hint of tannin on the finish. A peasant tradition never forgotten and revived by the inspiration of Walter Massa: this is the "Pietra del Gallo".


Intense ruby red


Dynamic, lively, beautiful freshness and fruity


Floral notes of violet and pink, with a finish of red fruit