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'Raspato' Rosato Annesanti 2022

'Raspato' Rosato Annesanti 2022


The "Raspato" by Annesanti is a semi-sparkling rosé wine from Umbria with a lively, fresh and light sip, obtained with Sangiovese and Aleatico grapes. Fragrant notes of small red fruit, hints of citrus, floral nuances and yeast memories emerge from a straight and agile taste profile, convivial and with a strong gastronomic power. 

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Umbria IGT


Sangiovese, Aleatico


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and second fermentation in bottle according to Ancestral Method

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Annesanti's 'Raspato' is a delicious and convivial refermented rosato, a happy union of Sangiovese and Aleatico. It is becoming less and less obvious to research everyday labels with excellent value for money, often dwelling on more expensive and (apparently) more prestigious wines, so when one comes across original and satisfying bottles under 15 euros, one cannot help but hoard them. To this category undoubtedly belongs 'Raspato', a re-fermented wine bottled by Francesco Annesanti, an Umbrian winemaker who, having picked up the family inheritance, has decided to run his 5 hectares of vineyard in the province of Terni in as respectful and non-prevailing a manner as possible. The vines of the local tradition are thus interpreted in an authentic and uncompromising manner, giving life to wines that are sincere but at the same time centred, and that touch remarkable heights of complexity, especially in the top wines vinified in amphora.

Raspato wine is a refermented rosé made from Sangiovese and Aleatico. A wine that is authentic and capable of restoring the terroir, like all of Francesco's, it is made from vines cultivated without the use of chemicals or synthesis, but using only a little copper, sulphur and natural preparations. In the cellar, spontaneous alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel tanks and re-fermentation in the bottle according to the ancestral method.

Annesanti's Raspato presents itself in the glass with a pale, clear pink colour. The olfactory impact is beautiful, fragrant and vinous, made up of red fruits, vegetal hints, and field grasses, blended in a frank and bucolic profile. The sip is fresh, juicy and of truly disarming drinkability, so much so that the bottle empties without warning. Freshness, savouriness, rhythm: a joyful bottle, of which we recommend an ample supply.


Pale pink with rich foam


Very fresh, lively, drinkable and fragrant


Notes of wild berries, strawberries, rustic hints and floral references