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A Valnerina winemaker returning to his origins and to the land
Region Umbria (Italia)
Foundation Year 2013
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 30.000 bt
Address Via del Nasciolo, 5 - 05031 Arrone (TR)

Francesco Annesanti is a young and very promising winemaker, who in just a few years, thanks to an experimental and uncompromising approach, has become a pioneer of quality winemaking in the Valnerina area, in the Terni hills. His wines demonstrate artistic flair and great passion, as well as total loyalty to the most authentic and genuine farming traditions. These have been transformed through a completely modern awareness and sensitivity to the principles of biodynamics and the delicate balance between people, plants and land. Francesco's objective is very clear, clearly summarised in these words: "I will only be satisfied when, opening one of my bottles, I will be able to smell the scent of the earth at sunset in spring".

The Annesanti winery was born from the country estate of Francesco's grandparents, consisting of 20 hectares of land and a stable from which the winemaking rooms were created: "I look at it and I can still smell and feel the warmth of the cows and calves that have warmed it for over half a century, while now it is getting used to the scent and warmth of wine". Just like all the old farming estates in these hills, founded on self-sustainability, alongside the vineyards we find olive trees and arable land for the production of legumes and cereals. Francesco remains faithful to the most authentic traditions of his ancestors, and his wine production preserves a rural appeal and ancestral heritage: spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeast, maceration on the skins also for the white wines, use of terracotta amphorae, conservation of the wines in demijohns, minimum use of sulphites and bottling without filtering only on days when the sky is clear and the moon is waning, while respecting the customs of local knowledge.

The loyalty to tradition is embodied in the production of territorial and very expressive wines, equipped with great precision and integrity of the fruit. Annesanti's wines narrate the fascinating adventure of a return to the origins, of love and trust towards a land that has provided sustenance to previous generations and that, in synergy with human work, repeats the miracle of production: "it is not a matter of carrying out a process; it is a matter of living in symbiosis with nature to draw the best from it and then give it back".

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