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Rifermentato in bottiglia '24 Lune' Lunarossa
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Rifermentato in bottiglia '24 Lune' Lunarossa


The bottle-fermented semi-sparkling wine '24 Lune' Lunarossa is an authentic expression of the Campania region, made from 100% Fiano grapes. This wine presents itself with a straw yellow colour, enriched by suggestive golden reflections. The nose opens with enveloping fragrances of yellow-fleshed fruit, with dominant notes of apricot and mandarin. The sip is an enveloping taste experience, with a rounded profile that closes with a pleasant savoury note. Ideal to accompany well-structured fish starters.

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Campania IGT


Fiano 100%

Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Traditional white vinification, resting for 12 months in amphora and re-fermentation in the bottle with the must of the following vintage


12 months on the lees in the bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Natural, Amphora Wine

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Bottle-Refermented '24 Lune,' produced by Lunarossa winery, represents an attempt to encapsulate in a bottle all the aromas and beauties of a land rich in millenary traditions. Located in a captivating territory, influenced by the majestic Picentini mountains and the sea breeze from the Gulf of Salerno, Lunarossa stands out as a winemaking reality that embraces modernity within a traditional context. This wine, obtained from Fiano grapes, embodies the essence of the place and presents itself as a unique and characteristic work.

The production process of Lunarossa's Bottle-Refermented '24 Lune' follows a traditional white vinification of Fiano grapes, followed by a 12-month refinement in amphora. Subsequently, the wine is bottled with the must from the next harvest and yeast, initiating a second fermentation in the bottle that also lasts for 12 months. This technique, combining controlled-temperature steel fermentation, amphora refinement, and bottle aging, gives the wine a unique complexity, emphasizing the blend of tradition and innovation that characterizes the Lunarossa winery.

'24 Lune' Bottle-Refermented by Lunarossa presents itself in the glass with a straw-yellow color and golden reflections, manifesting intense aromas of ripe yellow pulpy fruit, apricot, and tangerine on the nose. In the mouth, the sip is full-bodied, with a note of hazelnut that harmoniously merges with the savory finish. This bottle-fermented wine thus emerges as a versatile option, capable of enriching every convivial moment with its uniqueness and sensory complexity.


Amber yellow


The sip is intense, nutty and savoury throughout the persistence


Notes of ripe yellow fruit with hints of citrus on the nose