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Rosado Señorio De Librares 2023

Rosado Señorio De Librares 2023

Señorio De Librares

Rosado Señorio De Librare is a Spanish rosé wine made from a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha. Fresh and drinkable, it expresses nice acidity on the sip and a delicately fruity finish, while notes of wild strawberry, cherry and herbaceous hints stand out on the nose. Perfect as an accompaniment to light spring and summer dishes




Rioja DOC


Tempranillo 50%, Garnacha 50%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


24 hours of skin contact and temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation for about 15 days

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Vegan Friendly

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Rioja Rosado produced by the sisters Clara and Patricia Espinosa of Señorio de Librares winery is a bottle that can be appreciated for its lively and spirited character, characteristic of the style. The winemaking approach adopted by the Espinosa sisters, yet another generation of a family of wine producers with over 150 years of viticultural history, aims to adapt modern knowledge and techniques in the industry to the established winemaking tradition of Rioja. Alongside the production of excellent white and especially red wines, the DOCa Rioja also stands out for its excellent rosé wines, such as this Rosado, typically vinified through brief contact between the must and the skins.

Señorio de Librares Rioja Rosado originates from an equivalent blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha Tinta grapes, grown in the Rioja Baja region following eco-sustainable agronomic practices. After the harvest, the grapes are transferred to the winery and vinified through 24 hours of skin maceration, with alcoholic fermentation taking place at controlled temperature for a total duration of about 15 days. The subsequent maturation phase for a few months occurs in inert containers, and after a brief rest in the bottle, the wine is finally ready for commercialization.

The Rosado Rioja from Señorio de Librares possesses a light and brilliant pink color. The aroma immediately offers perceptions of wild strawberries, raspberry, and cherry, combined with slight herbal hints reminiscent of hay and mown grass. The taste is fresh and drinkable, with a lovely acidity to accompany the delicately fruity finish. A rosé wine of excellent versatility, ideal to be enjoyed cold as an aperitif to refresh the senses during warm summer evenings.


Light and bright pink


Fresh, drinkable, with nice acidity and a delicately fruity finish


Notes of wild strawberries, cherry and slight herbaceous hints