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Rum Anejo Paranubes

Rum Anejo Paranubes


Rum Anejo Paranubes is a Mexican sugarcane distillate aged for 18 months in new American oak barrels. Pure cane juice, wild fermentation and distillation in a copper still followed by aging in American oak barrels result in an intense and concentrated rum. The nose fills with hints of olive followed by rich spicy notes and aromas of dried figs




Alcohol content

53.8 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Sugar cane varieties Caña Dulce, Caña Morada, Caña Dura and Caña Amarilla


18 months in new American oak barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Paranubes' Rum Anejo takes the form of an original distillate of remarkable concentration, produced from a combination of different varieties of sugar cane. We are in the foothills of the Sierra Mazateca mountains in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, a wild and fascinating place where Jose Luis Carrera passionately nurtures the family tradition that has been dedicated to the production of fine artisanal rums for generations. In fact, his father and grandfather passed on the art of the craft to Jose Luis from the time he was a child, and today his rums represent an excellence of the Sierra Mazateca. The Añejo version, literally "aged," differs because of its long passage in oak barrels.

Paranubes Rum Anejo is derived from only organically grown sugar cane of the Caña Dulce, Caña Morada/Negra, Caña Dura and Caña Amarilla/Criolla varieties. Once the ripe plant is cut by hand, it is pressed to extract the sugary juice inside. The juice is then placed in pine wood vats where only indigenous yeasts carry out the alcoholic fermentation of about 48 hours, at the end of which the fermented product is distilled in a copper column still fed manually from the spent cane fibers. Once this process is finished, the distillate is placed to age in new American oak barrels for 18 months before bottling. During the entire process, the use of additives as well as dilution with water is excluded.

Rum Paranubes Anejo has a golden yellow color tending toward amber. The aromatic spectrum offers perceptions of olive and dried figs that blend with earthy hints, spicy notes and hints of vanilla. Intense, soft and concentrated the sip, characterized by satisfying warmth and a very long persistence on the sensations on the nose.


Golden yellow with amber highlights


Intense, concentrated, persistent, smooth


Earthy scents, olive and dried fig aromas, spicy notes with hints of vanilla